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Importing Medicines for PERSONAL USE

If a particular medicine required by a patient is not registered or not available in Sri Lanka, NMRA allows import of such a medicine through a personal user Letter of Authorization.
The general public can apply for a personal user license by logging into furnishing required details or by handing over the documents directly to NMRA during working hours.

The following documents are required:

  A maximum of 100 doses can be imported by using the Personal User License.
  No fee is charged by NMRA for this purpose


A person travelling to Sri Lanka can carry medicine for his personal use, without prior approval of the NMRA under the following conditions. The quantity of any single medicine required for the duration of his stay in Sri Lanka or the quantity required up to ninety days whichever is less. Prior approval of the NMRA should be obtain for quantities exceeding 90-day requirment.The medicine administered through intramuscular or intravenous route is not permitted. The medicine specified in Schedule III is not permitted. The medicine should be packed in the original container, if it is not in the original container, it should be appropriately labelled to identify the name and strength of the medicine with usage instructions Medical records or prescription should be produced when necessary.

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